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Promotional Investment Guide

Get ready for pricing that isn't available any other way!

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Photo Box

Our newest product is a hit!
This wooden box holds 25 4x6 images and includes a matching USB.

There are two options available for this:
25- 4x6 Prints with the matching digital files for  $450


You can upgrade to all your digital files for a total investment of $750.


Save $300-$1300!

Digital Collections

Not sure you want anything printed?
Digital files are the way to go! 

5 Extra Files-Regularly $600
Your Price: $250

10 Extra Files- Regularly $850

Your Price: $500

15 Extra Files- Regularly$1200

Your Price: $700

20 Extra Files- Regularly $1500

Your Price: $850

All Edited Files- Regularly $2000

Your Price: $1000





We have SEVERAL options when it comes to albums!

They vary in size, and they can be with or without digital files, the decorative box, or the photo cover.

Since so many options are available, it would probably be easier to see the prices here and know that you get 20% off!

Remember to check out the product video on that page—it'll give you a better idea of what the albums look like. We have samples in the studio, but we want you to be as prepared as possible for your big reveal.


Reveal Information

How does the reveal work?

We will start your reveal by watching a slideshow (set to music) of all your images.

Once the slideshow is complete, you can view your images individually on our tablet.  At this time, you'll sort them into three different categories:

This helps you narrow down your images and make the selection process as easy as possible.  Depending on your session, you could have 40-80 images to choose from.

You can choose any additional products at this point, but as mentioned before, you are NOT PRESSURED to buy anything else.  If you're only interested in your digital files, those will be sent to you the same day!

Click here to schedule your reveal!

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